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All of us at the Broadview Dental Clinic continue to strive to provide the highest quality dental care possible. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the addition of the ICON Digi-doc intraoral camera to our practice. Our office uses intraoral photography to create immediate, magnified views of teeth. This enables us to better view problem areas through the enhanced magnification. With this technology, Drs. Varshney, Ioannidis or staff can then show patients their teeth through large monitors in our treatment rooms, and discuss the treatment options best suited for them.



“Broadview Dental is proud to announce the addition of 3 highly valued team members to our family. Ryan Ponce De Leon and Romina Raykokva are highly experienced registered dental hygienists that come to Broadview Dental to strengthen the quality of our dental recare and hygiene services. Ryan and Romina have been registered dental hygienists since graduating from George Brown College and Oxford College of Arts respectively.

Natalie Ros rounds out the additions at Broadview Dental. Natalie will take up duties at our reception desk as an office administrator, and will strive to make your visit with us a seamless and pleasant experience. All of us here at the Broadview Dental Clinic would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of our family. ”


“Our dental practice offers nitrous oxide sedation, a sweet-smelling colorless gas made up of nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrous oxide is given through a mask that fits snugly over your nose about five minutes prior to your dental procedure. Also known as laughing gas, it is a safe and well established method to deal with dental anxiety and discomfort. It calms and has a comforting effect even though you remain awake, in control, and with the ability to communicate. It also tends to lessen anxiety, increase a patient pain threshold, reduce an overactive gag reflex and makes time pass more quickly.”


Broadview Dental is proud to be relaying for its third year at the CANADIAN CANCER RELAY FOR LIFE , in honour of Eugenia Ioannidis. This years event occurs on June 13th at Sunnybrook Park, and we are hoping to add to our 2 year total of over $4200.00! Please help us in our fight by donating or joining our team. To do so please click here.

Broadview Dental’s annual fundraising activities have also included participating in the SCOTIABANK AIDS WALK FOR LIFE, which raises much needed funds for the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT). For more than 25 years, ACT has been providing services to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, while also working to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in our community. In four years we’ve managed to raise over $4500.00 for ACT, and look forward to increasing that total in the future.


The Ontario Dental Association can answer all types of questions you may have about dentistry. Just click on the following link oda.on.ca and enjoy!


We’d like to take this opportunity to wish TGHA’s Broadview Dental hockey team a successful and fun hockey season! Good luck team!!! In addition, we’d like to offer all TGHA members (and respective partners), a complimentary take home whitening kit (in conjunction with a comprehensive exam and cleaning). Hoping everyone has a safe and fun hockey season at the new Ryerson athletic facilty at Maple Leaf Gardens!!


You can now find BROADVIEW DENTAL on FACEBOOK! It will be a great way to find out about what’s going on at your dental office, ask any questions you may have, or even help discuss today’s topics relevant to dentistry. In addition, by pressing the LIKE BUTTON, you’ll be in constant communication with us, and be informed and eligible for any dental promotions, contests or upcoming events. All of here will also be making our contributions. Matt, Sera, Natalie, Joanne, Joseph, Jackie, Ryan and Romina will all make the occasional entries: from funny anecdotes, to helpful hints, to humourous going-ons at the office. And of course Dr. Varshney and Dr. Ioannidis will pop in on occasion to join in on the fun. So discover and enjoy!


In an effort to support our local artists, Broadview Dental will be showcasing various community artists with reflections on our local landscape and environment. Currently displayed is a piece by Paul Kilbetus titled LAKE VIEW, TORONTO HUNT CLUB (pictured to the left). In order to learn more about the piece, and see more of Paul’s stunning work, please follow the following link www.pk2k.ca.


Dr. Varshney and Dr. Ioannidis would like to extend a special thank you to all of their patients, old and new. Your continued patronage is appreciated, and we strive to provide you with the best dental care possible. Feel free to contact any of us, at any time, to discuss your dental needs. And please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your next dental visit more enjoyable.